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Clash of Three Kingdoms

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Experience the realistic world of the Three Kingdoms era. Expand the land, accompany the beauty and conquer the world now!

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Collect Fish and Open Festival Chests!

2016-06-06    From:Clash of Three Kingdoms

Time: June 8th - June 10th (GMT+8)
Server: S1 - S56
During this event, all the troops (including NPC and enemies) will drop fish. Defeat them and get their fish. Good luck!
Players will get one fish randomly when they defeat an enemy on World map. fish can be converted into Festival Chests in the icon “Events”. Open Festival Chests and get lots of rewards.
The probability to get a fish from enemies: 70%
Totally you need 700 fish for 195 Festival Chests.
1. Lv. 60 is needed to join this event.
2. To get one fish you have to defeat the last row troop of the enemy’s hero.
3. Players need to claim the chests during the event. When the event ends, chests will disappear.