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Try Your Luck to Get Awakened Z.Ci in Wheel of Fortune!

2017-09-07    From:Clash of Three Kingdoms

Event. Wheel of Fortune
Wheel of Fortune is an event of chance. With fantastic prizes, everyone is a winner. It is also quick and easy to play.
In this event, you can get special hero Awakened Z.Ci, Trinket Box and Amazing Box! Powerful hero Awakened Z.Ci will make you stronger. After awaken, Z.Ci has new talent Immortal. When his own troops being attacked, it has certain chance to trigger stand-in and transfer damage to random row of enemy. What’s more, there are the trinket box and new amazing box in here! You can gain Lanterns or Hersbits from trinket boxes. They are able to strengthen your power. In addition, you will have an opportunity to get Arm Pieces when you open amazing boxes. You can conquer where you want to go with Arms. Therefore if you are interested in them, please join this event!
Time: Sept.8th - Sept.10th (GMT+8)
Server: S1 - S81
When you roll the Wheel of Fortune, your daily free chance will be used first. And then, your Gold will be consumed.
When the pointer of wheel stops completely, the corresponding rewards will be shown to you. Then you need to claim first before starting the next roll. The options you have are as follows:
>> Free Chances - Roll the wheel for free. Players will get 1 free chance at 00:00 a.m. every day.
>> Start - Spend 50 Gold to roll the wheel. Gold will be deducted the moment you click start button.
>> Claim - claim the rewards you get. Claiming does not cost Gold.
>> Rank - Players joining this event will be listed on the Normal rank and receive the ranking rewards after event. Players spending more than 20K Gold in this event will rank the Elite Rank and get a gift pack! What's more, Top 5 in Elite Rank can all get Hersbit after the event! We added Seal in Normal rank rewards, you can use it to get more pieces in Armscraft. And new item ordnance has been added to Elite rank rewards, you could use it to become stronger. When Wheel of Fortune is over, the Rank will last half a day.
Trinket Box:
Amazing Box:
1. Free chances will be given to players at 00:00 a.m. every day.
2. Lv. 70 is required to join this event.
3. Gold will be deducted if you have no free chances.
4. Claiming does not cost Gold.
5. Please claim all the rewards before the event ends.
6. Players consuming the same amount of gold in this event will rank the same on the list and they will receive that same reward.