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Clash of Three Kingdoms

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Experience the realistic world of the Three Kingdoms era. Expand the land, accompany the beauty and conquer the world now!

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Quickly Collect Jack-o-lanterns to Gain Lots of Rewards!

2017-10-11    From:Clash of Three Kingdoms

Event 1. Lucky Spin! Time-Limited, Mass Resources
Dear players,
Our New event is coming! Absolutely surprising you! There is a chance to get multiple rewards. It is necessary for your heroes to increase stamina. We have added more RO besides food in spin. Thus you don’t worry that you can’t fight in the world war because of lack of RO. What are you waiting for? Come on and Wish you good luck!
Time: Maintenance completed Oct.12th- 23:58 (GMT+8)
Server: S1 - S82
The wheel are composed by two parts which are the inside and outside.
The inside part includes various quantity of resources while the outside are the multiples. The highest multiple is 10 times. What's more,
>>Start - Spend 50 Gold to roll the wheel. Gold will be deducted the moment you click start button and you can also choose to spend 10X to get 10 rewards.
>> Claim - Claim the rewards you get. Claiming does not cost Gold.
1. Lv.70 is required
2. Rewards unclaimed till the end of the event will be returned as gold to you.

Event 2. Limited Sale
Dear players,
Please focus on Limited Sale this time. The Event has more wonderful upgrade. Now you could click these four packs more times and there are more valuable resources and more discount. Let’s take the best shortcut to get tons of resources quickly and easily! See you tomorrow!
Time: Oct.12th 18:00 - 23:59 (GMT+8)
Server: S1 - S82
After entering the game, you will see “Limited Sale” in “Events” during event time.
The following packs are available in this event. They are all sold at very low prices. Save Gold for these packs!

1. Players should reach Lv. 70 to join this event.
2. Everyone can only buy limited numbers of the packs.
3. The products will automatically add to your account once bought.

Event 3. Collect Jack-o-lanterns and Open Festival Chests
Dear players,
Collecting Jack-o-lanterns that will be dropped randomly when you defeat an enemy on world map. Jack-o-lanterns can be converted into Festival Chests and get lots of rewards. Hurry up to fight on world map!
Time: Maintenance completed Oct.12th- Oct.14th (GMT+8)
Server: S1 - S82
During this event, all the troops (including NPC and enemies) will drop Jack-o-lanterns. Defeat them and get their Jack-o-lanterns. Good luck!
Players will get one Jack-o-lantern randomly when they defeat an enemy on World map. Jack-o-lanterns can be converted into Festival Chests in the icon “Events”. Open Festival Chests and get lots of rewards.
The probability to get a Jack-o-lantern from enemies: 70%
Totally you need 700 Jack-o-lanterns for 195 Festival Chests.
1. Lv. 60 is needed to join this event.
2. To get one Jack-o-lantern you have to defeat the last row troop of the enemy’s hero.
3. Players need to claim the chests during the event. When the event ends, chests will disappear.