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Clash of Three Kingdoms

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2016-01-26   From:Clash of Three Kingdoms

Feel tired of leveling up through country war day andnight? Assiege, our new function, in the new version brings you extraordinaryexperience. Come and take a look at it!
Unlock by King or Prince when country reaches lv.5
King and Prince can unlock the Assiege. Rewards can be obtained accordingly based on your country's kills progress and players with killings have the chance to apply and be allocated. BTW, the King enjoys 3 chances to allocate the appointed rewards.
[Assiege Process]
I. Preparing:
1.15-minute preparing time after Assiege being triggered, during which the city is unavailable
2.Auto Fight/Defend will be canceled on that city during the preparing period
3.Shadows, NPC, Defenders will all be cleared on that city. Additionally, shadows being cleared will return to you in exchange for EXP.
4.Idle heroes will auto-sent back to their capitals.Heroes in Duel will auto-sent back to the capitals when the battle is over.
II. Combating period
1.Success depends on whether the Kills task is accomplished within the set time or not
2.No limitation on using Shadow, Legion and Official Order
3.Higher the country level is, Harder Kills tasks and More bonus you have
4.If the kills task accomplished ahead of the schedule, it will then enter the rewards-applying period
III. Rewards-applying Period
1.It lasts 8 hours. Rewards will be sent accordingly based on the kills progress. If you want better rewards, then go and kill more enemies.
2.Players without killing in Assiege cannot apply
3.After applying, players will be counted in the application list which ranks based on the kills
4.According to the kills rank, the rewards will be automatically allocated when the applying period is over
IV.Claiming Period
1.It lasts 10 hours, during which players can claim the rewards they have applied before
2.If the rewards still unclaimed until the deadline, it'll disappear automatically
1.Booty applied can be abandoned
2.The rewards not applied during the applying stage will disappear after the claiming period.
3.Each rewards can only be allocated to one player
4.Rewards cannot be claimed when the bag is full

All above is only for reference, please take the in-game data as precedence