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Suit Works

2016-01-27   From:Clash of Three Kingdoms

Do you feel your suit does not match your new awesome hero sometimes? Do not worry, we will bring you Suit Works in our new version where you can upgrade your suits! We are looking forward to your magnificent performance in the warring era!
[How to unlock]
Players defeating MaChao’s Army at Lv. 110 can find the ‘Suit Works’ at ‘Tech’. And the icon will be added under the tab ‘Tech’ after being activated, on the right of Trinket Works.
[How to use]
At Suit Works, you could combine, forge and upgrade suits.
Advanced Suits-(COMBINE)-Super Suit-(FORGE)-full star Super Suit-(COMBINE)-God Suit

1. How to combine Advanced Suits
A.You will see all suits, their attributes and the materials needed to combine at Suit Works.
B.Use the required materials to combine suits. You can find the suit scroll fragments at Voucher Mall, while those of Dragon Suit and Divine suit loot at Crusade. And 4-star equipment can be obtained by refining purple 3-star equipment.
2.How to combine Super Suits
A. After one kind of advanced suit(Patron, Phoenix, Justice, Bliss, Dominator) scroll is sold out at voucher mall, there will be the corresponding Super Suit scroll.
B. Super Suit scroll can be used to combine Super Suit.
C. Super Suit can not be dismantled.
D. The attributes of Super Suits are promoted comprehensively and you can forge the Super Suits.



3.How to forge Super Suits
A. Super Suits forging costs 6 pieces of 4-star equipment with any kind of hidden skill. And the equipment should make a full set.
B. Forging will cost super iron. The higher suit level is, the more super iron it needs.
C. Every forge will fill one square (1/10 of the level), which will increase the attributes of Attack, Defense and Troops.
D. Full forge will upgrade the star level and bring extra advantages.
Super Patron Suit: higher Skill Block Rate
Super Phoenix Suit: higher Lead, Skill Attack and Skill Damage Rate
Super Justice Suit: higher Force and Final Damage Rate
Super Bliss Suit: higher Force and Final Negation Rate
Super Dominator Suit: higher Skill Defense and Skill Negation Rate

E. 4-star equipment can be locked and unlocked at ‘Equip’- ‘Bag’ and locked ones can not be sold, refined or put as Super suit forging material.



4.How to make God Suits
A. When the super suit scroll is purchased at Voucher Mall, the corresponding God Suit will go on the shelf.
B. With God Suit scroll, fully forged 4-star Super Suit can be upgraded to its God Suit.
C. The operation is irreversible.
D. The attributes of God Suit will be highly boosted while the suit appearance will also change. 

Notes: All data above is only for reference, please take the in-game data as the precedence.