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Clash of Three Kingdoms

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Barbarian Plunder

2016-03-14   From:Clash of Three Kingdoms

Never forget to keep an eye on your borders! This time, barbarians will lead their crack troops to mass along your border. In this version, you can win tons of EXP by fighting against raiding squad of barbarians.
[How to unlock]
When the country level reaches Lv.5, this feature will become available to that country automatically.
When the feature is unlocked, chieftain of barbarian will send troops to plunder the surrounding cities of their capital, Wuhuan, nanman and Shanyue.  Players defending against the plundering troops will be rewarded with EXP. In spring, summer and autumn, their chieftain will plunder three times a day including 4 rounds each time. In winter, barbarian will more frequent your border! As country levels up, barbarians will grow stronger and bring more EXP!
[How to play]
1. When barbarian come to plunder there will be system notification.
2. Several cites near the capital of Barbarian will be under attack by barbarian.(Barbarians of three countries are independent from each other. For instance, when chieftain of nanman wage a war, the barbarian of Wuhuan and Shanyue may take no action.)
Lv. 5 Country: Each row of plundering NPC brings 10K EXP.
Lv. 6 Country: Each row of plundering NPC brings 11K EXP.
Lv. 7 Country: Each row of plundering NPC brings 13K EXP.
Lv. 8 Country: Each row of plundering NPC brings 15K EXP.
1.Assiege: City under assiege will not become the target of Barbarian plundering.