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Clash of Three Kingdoms

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Experience the realistic world of the Three Kingdoms era. Expand the land, accompany the beauty and conquer the world now!

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2016-03-16   From:Clash of Three Kingdoms

In the era of Three Kingdoms, great generals meet in history. In our new version Glorious Chapter, you will have a chance to know the brief life story of these famous lords and win great rewards!
How to Unlock
Players above Lv. 96 could find it at ‘Tech’.
Open Bio: 
At Biography, every general has his own chapter and battles. Players could go to challenge them. After completing the whole chapter of one general, players can visit that general and receive wonderful rewards.

1. There is level requirements for different chapters.
2. The reward for first clearance is A.Token and the following challenge reward is lord EXP.
Daily Visiting
When you accomplish one chapter, you could visit that general every day and win great rewards!
1. Accomplish the chapter to visit that general.
2. Players could visit one general 5 times a day at most(including daily free chance*1). Players above VIP7 enjoy 7 visiting chances for each general every day.
3. The free chances are reset at 0 a.m. every day. Chances unused can not be accumulated.
4. One reward for free visiting or gold visiting; two rewards for wine visiting.
5. After Biography is researched, wine could be received from Feat chests randomly.