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Slaughter System

2016-05-12   From:Clash of Three Kingdoms

Slaughter! A new function is coming online!
[How to Unlock]
You need to:
1.at least reach the lv.125 
2.Upgrade your Thunder Chariot to the full(Lv.9) and then you can find the Destroyer Scroll in the Voucher Mall

S.Iron, Iron and scroll is required when building the Destroyer Chariot which cannot be forged.
Player can trigger the Slaughter while you're in the battle. Once the city is slaughtered, it'll belong to the occupier and become the ruins for 30 mins. At the same time, players who triggered the slaughter will get wonderful rewards and others from the same country could go to the ruins city to claim the booty.

①Triggering slaughter when the defending list in the battle is less than 3 heroes and the city is occupied by the enemies.
②Each country slaughter one city at the same time
③Only city and the gate in the world map can be slaughtered
④You need to have your heroes (Shadow or Duel excluded) inside the city when you trigger the slaughter
⑤You cannot trigger slaughter when the city is used as reclamation and Assiege
⑥The CD time for Slaughter is 5 hours which can be checked in the Chariot system
⑦Strategy is unavailable when it comes to the ruins city,Moreover, the previous strategy will be cleared when you triggered the slaughter
⑧Slaughter is unavailable when it involves to the Server war including Server Competition, Server Quest, Personal Server competition,etc.
[Group Slaughter]
Every time, 4 Players who have unlocked the slaughter function can make a group slaughter to the city which is being slaughtered and to get the rewards
If the booty unclaimed, there'll be some reminders in the main interface of the game
①When the city is yours, you can make a group slaughter
②You're not in the list of Slaughter Hero
③You're in the ruis city
[Reminders for the Slaughter]
Rewards will be calculated immediately once the slaughter is triggered
①If your hero still have troops, he will stay in the city and when the troops are gone, he will be sent back to the Capital
②Heroes in Duel:  Ifwin, the hero will still stay in the city or else, he will be returned to the capital
③If Shadow heroes or duel heroes have troops, they will stay in the city firstly and then, when the battle is over, the system will calculate the results.
[Reminders for the Slaughtered]
When the city is slaughtered, the rebuilding time at thevery beginning is 30 mins. If the city is being group slaughtered, the time will be extended by another 30 mins, at most 2 hours in all.
①Heroes and shadows will be regarded as being killed and then, the system will calculate the results
②Heroes will be sent back to the Capital and NPC will becleared
③Heroes won in the Duel will be sent to the Capital. Shadow will bereturned as EXP to you.
When a city is slaughtered, there will be a reminder inthe main interface of the game. Click it to check the details.

Note: All the data are only for reference, please take the in-game data as the precedence.