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Tech Work System

2016-05-13   From:Clash of Three Kingdoms

[Requirement to Unlock]
Tech Works will be available for players above Lv.80 after the country's level reaching Lv.6.
[Entrance of the Function]
Click the Tech in the homepage or click Tech in the main city.
[Function Introduction]
The Workshop in the Tech can bring gain and convenience for the battle of lord, which is divided into two types, "Fixed gain" and "Aging gain". All the lord above lv 80 will gain permanently after the former research and develop. And the later is only valid for the individual, need to exchange by oneself.
[Tech Works]:
King and Grade 1 official can launch tech researchment. By donating Letters or Gold, players above Lv.80 can research the tech and receive tons of EXP at the same time. EXP full means that the R&D successful or update, one kind of tech can be reasearched at one time.
1.You can get letters in Kills Chest
2.Every time donated, CD+1min.
[Tech Works/Tech Grade]:
1.The initial level of Tech Works is Lv. 1, works EXP will increase by 1 point up in Country EXP.
2.When EXP reaches the max, the Works will automatically upgrade. Players can research new tech or upgrade the existing tech after the update.
Permanently Gain
1.Turret Enhancement--- Enhance Turret Damage
2.Guards Enhancement--- Enhance the strength Guards in our country
3.Food exchange--- Increase Resources received in Market
4.Leap--- Increase Leap Exp
5.Drill--- Increase daily drill time
6.Hour Reward--- Increase Hour Reward resourse
Note: only valid for research tech country
Aging gain
1.Storm Order--- Increase Attack in Country war, Server War, Server Quest and Terra War
2.Defense Order--- Increase defense in Country war, Server War, Server Quest and Terra War
3.Kill Order--- Increase the kills(Note: Kills adittion display on Kills- Daily Kills, and won’t display on the Combat settlement; come on effect on all the event concerns with Kills)
4.Drill Order--- Increase EXP in Country war, Server War, Server Quest and Terra War
1.The Aging gain is only valid for individual, there is a time limited and players need exchange by individual
2.Storm Order, Defense Order and Drill Order is only valid in Country war and Server War.
3.The property gain of Storm Order, Defense Order will not display on hero
4.The effect time can be superposition when players purchase the same gain for several times.

Note: All the data are only for reference, please take the in-game data as the precedence.