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Resource War

2016-08-10   From:Clash of Three Kingdoms

Resource War comes! New System, Excellent resources! Experience the excitement of COTK like never before.
[Where to find]
[How to Play]
Resource War will not be available until your level is LV.85 and country reaches LV.5. 5 players of each country are allowed to join the war,attacking and plundering from LV.1 place to the center to get excellent rewards. After occupying, all players from your country can enjoy the daily benefits.
You'll have 12 hours to prepare each time before the war is reset or unlocked for the first time. The TOP 5 players in the Rank will be chosen to fight at the very beginning.
1.During the reset period, only the King and Grade.1 officialscan change the current troops.
a.Click the "Change" button to rearrange
b.You can only change the army in the preparing stage.
2. With the level of the place getting higher, you'll have the chance to gain better rewards
3.Occupying will be reset at 00:00 every day on Mondays.
4.The 5 selected players can either plunder or attack the place in the Map, while the rest, instead of joining the war, are only allowed to claim the target place's rewards occupied by your country or to check the place's information.
The chosen players are required to attack followingthe order from the border to the central place. If there's no places taken by your country, you're free to choose anyone of Lv.1 places to attack. Afteroccupying, you can only choose the neighboring places to attack.
1.Try your best to defeat the defenders and occupy the place.
2.Each place can only be taken by one player. Once you occupy another places, the original one you have is no longer under your control.
3.Players cannot attack the place occupied by your own country.
4.Place can be exploited once by players above LV.85 afteryour country keeping hold that every 4 hours and as a result , you can claim thebasic rewards and even have the chance to get the double rewards by spendinggold.
5.The daily rewards calculated at 00:00 every day isbased on the occupies and plunders. If you haven't taken any places by the timeof calculating, you'll get nothing. BTW, you can also claim the double occupiers'rewards by spending gold.
6.There will be a 10-minute peace time for the place afterit is taken, during which the place is free of being attacked.
7.There will be a 5-minute CD time after every attacksand after that, you can attack again.
Plundering the place occupied by other countries will not only assure you to get 10% of occupiers' rewards, but also to make their daily rewards decrease.
1.You'll get the plunder rewards right after the battleis over.
2.The battle results will not change the Place's belongs
3.The most resources that can be plundered for each place is50%
4.The daily output and pludering will be reset at 00:00
1.Each player has 10 chances to fight including Attackor Plunder every day and when it's used up, you can spend gold to add.
2.Only the place without battles can be attacked
[The Lucky Place]
1.Places will be reset at 00:00, from which one mining placefrom Lv.3 to Lv.7 will be respectively selected as the Lucky Place.
2.It lasts one day and will be reset at 00:00 every day.Once players taking that, they'll not only receive the double rewards, but also the extra rewards including GEM.
[The Central Place]
1.The Central place has the special effects. Once it isoccupied by another 24 hours, its output will go up by 10% and the defender'sstrength will decline by 10%.
2.After the central place being taken, its specialeffects will be reset
3.Resources in the Central place will be changed at 00:00on Mondays.
1.the output unclaimed at that place will disappear after being defeated.
2.You can review the report to check the occupies andplunder's information
3.You can click the "Army" button on right sideto check participants list.
4.You can click theMap to check who's the occupier of the central place and their troops' information

All above are only for reference, please take the in-game data as precedence.