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[New Version]Awakened Hero and New General

2016-10-19   From:Clash of Three Kingdoms

In this section, we will continue to introduce you new heroes in the update coming soon. This time, Awaken P.Tong and S.Jing joined our team and will show you what an excellent force they’re going to be. First let’s have a look at Awaken P.Tong.
Awaken Hero
[How to Unlock]
You can unlock him by getting the unlock card or Awaken Fragments in various event
1. Please go to Tavern to preview the basic information of Awaken P.Tong which will show after the upgrade
2. If you got Awaken P.Tong Card in the events, well, congratulations! You can just click the ‘unlock’ button to ‘set him free’
3. If you don’t have any Awaken P.Tong Card, there will be a reminder of  ‘Some items Required!’ displayed on the screen when you tried to unlock him

Awaken P.Tong
[How to Awake P.Tong]
First, you need to get the normal P.Tong in previous events; then, you can awake him by collecting the required pieces of Awaken fragments in various events just like Awaken S.S.Xiang and Awaken H.Y.Ying in the last update. And please do not worry if you don’t have P.Tong now, we will create more chances for you to get him~
Let’s have a brief introduction of Awaken P.Tong
The Sum of lead and force is 140 after awake, and except for keep the original skill ‘Iron Chain’, there’s new special talent for our Awaken P.Tong---Phoenix Roar, which can release after the hero is dead, and will cause a huge damage to enemies.

New Hero---S.Jing
Shui Jing, who had recommend Z.G.Liang, P.Tong to L.Bei, had a big influence in the history. Now, he is gathered and taken to the ground with his talent and brilliance to help our lords strengthen power. You can unlock him by consuming the unlock card gained form various events.
S.Jing, whose lead and force reached 132 in total, surprisingly had the all-terrain talent, and his hero talent Ever Loyalty, which have 4 special skills(Dragon Roar, Tiger Slay, Rosefinch, Tortoise), will be released when the first rows attacks.

Only words is not enough, let’s looking forward to the coming update! See you in the new update~

All data above is only for reference, please take the in-game as the precedence