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[New Version]New Function——Country Buildings

2018-06-01   From:Clash of Three Kingdoms

Country Buildings
Dear lords, we will add a brand-new function——Country Buildings into our new version, Lords should not only have invincible attacks, but also have invulnerable defence. So players can build Country Buildings as a defense against enemies. Let’s have a look!
[How to unlock]:
Researching “Arsenal” in Tech Works can open Country Buildings and upgrading Dynasty can upgrade corresponding Country Buildings
[Function Introduction]:
The king and Grade 1 officials can launch Country Buildings in peaceful cities of your country, everyone in your country can join building by donating resources. Different countries have different Buildings in terrain.
[Building Process]:
1.Click peaceful cities in your country
2.Click “Country Building”
3.click “ Launch”
4.Donate Resources
(1)When Country Buildings in progress are attacked by other countries, building will be prevented and Donation Bar is pause. After you occupy it again and the city is in peace, building will go on.
(2)If the city is occupied by other countries, it will fail to build (Building is not counted into the cooling time).
5、Building Complete
(1)If country buildings which are in progress or complete are Slaughtered, they will disappear.
(2)If country buildings which are complete are occupied by other countries, they will disappear.
(3)Only build a building at the same time
(4)There will be cooldown time each country building is complete. You can build again when the time is over and different country buildings have different cooldown time.
Currently Open Country Buildings:

All data above are only for reference, please take the in-game as precedence.