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[New Version]New System——Fief System

2018-07-20   From:Clash of Three Kingdoms

Fief System
Dear lords, new system—Fief will be added into our new version! Lords you can gain abandon rewards when you have a fief in world map. Let’s have a look!
[How to unlock]:
Available after players reach Lv.116 and Tech Works reaches Lv.6, then research corresponding Tech
[How to play]:
[Prepared Fief]:
City in world map will has a identifying “Prepared Fief” which can last for 2 minutes after lord occupied this city. After this prepared time, lord can not have made one fief in this city, and one lord can have more prepared fief which are only visible for lord on self.
[Assist Fief]:
After have a prepared fief, only lord chooses politic, can lord make a Official Fief in world map. And each lord only has one Official Fief. Lord can make other fief again after ending the first fief. Each lord has 3 fief chances per day, and can increase the fief chances by upgrading the VIP level.
Each Fief has 3 assisting quota, and lord will consume the fief time after opening this assisting function, then lord can send hero to assist politic in fief.
[Snatch Fief]:
If the prepared fief was occupied by enemy , the prepared fief will disappear.
Besides, the official was attacked by enemy, in the state of belligerency, the resource from politic will continue to produce. If your fief was occupied by enemy, the resource from politic will stop production.
1, If lord’s fief were occupied by enemy ,the unclaimed rewards will send automatically by email.
2, Lord who not open the fief function can snatch fief.
[Rewards on Fief or Assist Fief]:
The condition of claim rewards is that city should be occupied by own and have own hero, also the city should be peace.
Fief produces once per 10 minutes, which is 3 times totally, and in 30 minutes, lords only can gain resource reward chosen by politic. After 30 minutes, lord can get politic rewards and basic fief rewards.
It is noteworthy that rewards should be claimed manually, and fief will ended after claim. if lord’s fief were occupied by enemy ,the unclaimed rewards which cut down will send automatically by email.
The lord who assist politic will directly get 10 minutes Output once. 
Our fief is occupied for special tasks opening (such as Battle of D.Zhuo, Assiege, Terra War and so on), so your rewards has been claimed by system, please check it!

All data above are only for reference, please take the in-game as precedence.