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[New Version]New System——Associate System

2018-09-07   From:Clash of Three Kingdoms

On the battle, Diamond cut diamond is a chance of a life-time! So now we have open one new system - Associate, lords you can associate with much more heroes in Station which is new icon in game! So let us have a look!
[How to unlock]:
Available after players reach Lv.100 and defeating S.Quan Army in [He Fei Xin Cheng], then research corresponding Tech
After researching it, you can click the main interface “Station” to enter the system
[Hero Visiting]:
Heroes Visit at 9:00 everyday and at most 3 heroes each day
[Entrust Mission]:
Each visited hero will give player 3 entrust mission, player can choose accept or refuse. If player accept, player should finish in the due time , and will gain corresponding rewards when finish one mission, also player can gain the rich entrusted rewards after finishing 3 entrust mission.
1.Accept or Refuse Mission means that player use one chance which has hero visiting.
2.If player can not finish mission in due time, hero will leave straightly and the mission failed.
3.Player can claim all rewards when finish mission in due time
Player can promote Goodwill with heroes after finishing all entrusted mission.
Also player can toast with hero and gain rich reward, as well as promote Goodwill
1.It has a probability to start special mission when each hero comes to visit, and can gain double entrusted rewards after finish special mission.
2.After accepting mission, player can toast with visited hero once each day, and the toast time can be added when VIP from player is added (no more than 3 times)
[Heroes Info]:
In Heroes Info, player can view the Goodwill Relationship, and can gain rich rewards when Goodwill reach certain quantity. Anyway, the high Goodwill ,the more rich rewards~
After having deep Goodwill with each hero, player can click ”Choose” to appoint one hero who can help player to use shadow in country war.
1.Goodwill should be no less than 10, player can appoint the hero to help own.

All data above is only for reference, please take the in-game as the precedence.