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[New Version]New System——Five Element

2019-01-19   From:Clash of Three Kingdoms

Five Element

Metal, Wood, Water, Fire and Earth are the legendary Five Element which have marvelous effect.
[How to unlock]
Available after players reach Lv.110 and defeat M.Chao's Army in [War of Tong Guan]
Click the “Crusade” then click “Five Element” to enter the system.
[Five Element]
Instance of Five Element consists of five chapters of Metal, Wood, Water, Fire and Earth respectively. Lords can choose one chapter to combat. The highest level of the chapter and current process that the lord is undergoing are presented on the page of Five Element.
The attack and defense attributes of Five Element are the same as they are in formation battles. Lords can embed spinel according to their restriction and generation rules.
Stages in each chapter are divided into five difficulty levels: Simple, Normal, Hard, Incubus and Hell. Each level has ten stages which are waiting for lords to conquer! Higher difficulty levels give more abundant rewards. Some stages have special restrictions on Chariot and Skill.
1.Five chapters in Five Element can be fought respectively. Higher levels will be unlocked after passing stages of lower levels.
2.First-clearance rewards of mass resources and spinel will be given. Players can gain resources quickly by sweeping the stages they have passed. Spinel is given as extra rewards after having challenged or swept the last stage of each difficulty of certain times.
1.In Five Element instance, challenging consumes a certain amount of vitality every time.
2.Initial vitality is 100.
1.Each hour provides five points of vitality. Free vitality can be claimed once after 00:00 per day;
2.Vitality can be purchased by gold once per day;
3.Vitality increases with the time. Max vitality is 100.

All data above are only for reference, please take the in-game as precedence.