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[New Version] New System -- Honor Hall

2019-06-05   From:Clash of Three Kingdoms

Honor Hall
Finally honor hall is available to players. You can claim all kinds of rewards by accomplishing daily tasks here. Hero images and purple pieces are also waiting for you!
[How to unlock]
Available after players reach Lv.80
[Function Interface]
Click [Honor Hall] under Activities
Tasks will be refreshed at 00:00(GMT+8) every day. There will be five tasks and each one can only be accomplished by once. Players can claim points and resources after finishing daily tasks. They can also spend gold to double the basic rewards.
When your points reach certain amounts, you can open chests and claim large numbers of resources and Honors. After opening all the chests, points of this round (1000 points in total) will be subtracted. The surplus will be left to the next round.
Open chests to claim Honors. You can also buy Honors directly by gold. Honors can be used to exchange for Image Cards and Arm Pieces you want in Honor Hall.
1.After the refreshing of tasks, all the task progresses will be cleared. Unclaimed rewards will be sent through mail in the form of free rewards;
2.Rewards in Honor Hall will be changed from time to time, please keep a close eye on it.

All data above are only for reference, please take the in-game as precedence.