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Clash of Three Kingdoms

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[New Version] New Reborn Heroes

2019-09-30   From:Clash of Three Kingdoms

New Reborn Heroes
Dear Lord, the latest version is coming with new heroes whose the introductions are as follows:
[New God Hero]
God D.Chan
[How to unlock]
Players need to participate in particular events and get a promotion card.
Promoting requirement:
If you have hero Awakened D.Chan and D.Chan Promotion Card, you could cost 500 A.Token and click [Promote] to promote the hero.
Brief introduction:
After promoting D.Chan——God D.Chan, the sum of her Lead and Force will be 150! What’s more, she has powerful Mountain Capacity and naturally owns splendid hero skill——Beauty: Attack 4 rows of enemies and weaken enemy's Attack and Defense; meanwhile, she also has more excellent talent —— Stunning: The effect from Mount Dispel will not be valued when Enemy is fight for D.Chan; Beauty: When Temptation values, the remaining rows of enemy will suffer 50% Skill Damage when tempt first row of enemies, and attaches with Debuff reduced 15% Attack and 35% Defense (Not accumulated Skill Debuff) (Inherit Temptation). Come to gain her Quickly!

[New Reborn Heroes]
Guan Yu·Reborn
[How to unlock]
Players above Lv.219 can get Guan Yu Reborn Card after you defeat “Guan Yu·Reborn” in new instance “Saint Reborn”.
Let us look at his brief introduction:
We add a new hero——Guan Yu·Reborn in our new version. We believe you will be surprised by him. He has brand-new talent——Withstand: Fighting Row will withstand once and recover 20% troops from fully-recruited when firstly suffer a knockout blow from C.Attack (Damage≥Remaining Troop); and this row will have 20% probability to withstand when suffer a knockout blow from C.Attack (Saint:Common attack damage must be shot, The 2* Crit appears with 55% probability; Decrease 55% received skill damage; The fighting row can summon soul of 50% troops when it dies and can bring about one common attack damage) New hero will meet with you, he will help you to conquer the land.
[How to unlock]
Players above Lv.213 can get D.Wei Reborn Card after you defeat “D.Wei·Reborn” in new instance “Saint Reborn”.
Let us look at his brief introduction:
We add the second hero——D.Wei·Reborn in our new version. We believe you will also be surprised by him. He also has a powerful talent——Halberd Throwing: Get one Halberd (No more than 4 Halberd) when kill one row enemy, and can throw all halberds when the last row is in battle, each Halberd can cause 50% Common Attack Damage; Inherit Unyielding and Ancient Ferocity( When hero kill enemy's one row or die own one row, all of row can improve 10% Capacity, no more than 30%; Common attack attach with 1% absolute damage of max troops) Come and unlock him, let him help you to rule the whole country!

All data above is only for reference, please take the in-game as the precedence.