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Clash of Three Kingdoms

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Experience the realistic world of the Three Kingdoms era. Expand the land, accompany the beauty and conquer the world now!

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Have a First Look at the Latest Version!

2019-11-15   From:Clash of Three Kingdoms

Have a First Look at the Latest Version
The latest version is coming with Winter Arriving. Most new functions and powerful god heroes are waiting for you in this new version. Let’s have a look!
I. Kismet System
The new system - Kismet is coming with new version. Each here can promote attribute and enhance Soldier Unit through using Kismet System!
II. Treasure Trove
New Tech - Treasure Trove you can open here. And players can find map to open Treasure Trove to get much more resources. So players must dont miss the Tech, come here to explore and enjoy more!
III. New God Hero
God Zuo Ci
IV. New Corps War- Liu Beis Army
With increasing power from lords, brand-new Corps War - Liu Beis Army comes on stage! So lords comes to challenge it!
V. New Arm Position
This new version has add one unlock Arm Position, lords can not open new arm position until reach the Unlock Condition, then power will be enhance!
VI. New Image Card
VII. Function Optimization
1. World War - Optimization for situation display
2. Corps War - Optimization for line up

All data above are only for reference, please take the in-game as precedence.