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[New Version] New God Hero and Image Card

2019-11-18   From:Clash of Three Kingdoms

New God Hero and Image Card
Dear Lord, New Version is coming with new god hero, whose introductions are as follows:
[God Hero]
God Zuo Ci
[How to unlock]
Players need to participate in particular events and get a promotion card.
Promoting requirement:
If you have hero Awakened Zuo Ci and Zuo Ci Promotion Card, you could cost 500 A.Token and click [Promote] to promote the hero.
Let’s look at his brief introduction:
After promoting Zuo Ci —— God Zuo Ci, the sum of his Lead and Force is 150! Besides, he has powerful All-Terrain Capacity and naturally owns splendid skill —— Theurgy: Attack 4 rows and reducing damages caused by enemies' skill after releasing; Besides, he also increases a unique talent —— Thunderclap: Common attack has 25% chance to summon "Thunder" and causes 20% skill damage to random row of enemy; Release at most once each round and each row (Inherit stand-in of 25% chance, Incarnation, immune Temptation). Hurry up to promote Zuo Ci, he will help you to conquer the land!

[Image Card]
Image effect: Water Capacity+25%, Image Effect is immune to break terrain talents

All data above is only for reference, please take the in-game as the precedence.