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Clash of Three Kingdoms

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Experience the realistic world of the Three Kingdoms era. Expand the land, accompany the beauty and conquer the world now!

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New Version Will Be Released!Please Excepting!

2018-06-06   From:Clash of Three Kingdoms

New Version Will Be Released!Please Excepting!
Lord and ladies, our new version will be released tomorrow. It will last for about two and half hours from 12:30 on Jun. 7th 2018. During that time your connection to the game will be interrupted. Thank you for your patience.
What's New :
1.New System: Battle of D.Zhuo, Mounts, Horse Racing, Dynasty, Country Buildings
2.New Heroes: S.M.Yan, Awakened Hao Zhao, God Guo Jia, God Z.Fei, God Xu Chu, God Z.Yun, God Zhou Yu
1.Auto Tactic: After unselected tactics and skills several times in country war, it will become Auto Tactic
2.Recharge Double: The way that any first recharge in the game can double has changed into that recharging each gear can double
3. Arms: after promoting the Arms, the Arm can be upgraded and add some Initiative
4. Battalion: God Heroes have their unique image, Add Civilian and Mount in Exchange
5.Liegemen: there are the liegemen show if you have clicked the “Advance*10”
6.Fight: You can change the aim city or withdraw or assault other cities when you Auto Fight
7.Fate Totem: Add the switch button of task to finish the task easily
8.Mission: Add the bright hint of Kill/Feat Box and Market
9.Trainingroom: Add 10 time selected button for paging
10.Quick Recruit: Add Recruit by one click in the stage of preparing fighting
11.Quick Combat: You can skip the battle by one-key in Instance, Fog Battle and Trial

1. Please update to the new version to experience the new functions.

* Start Time
12:30:00 Thur. Jun. 7th 2018 (GMT+8, Server Time);
21:30:00 Wed. Jun. 6th 2018 (PDT);
00:30:00 Thur. Jun. 6th 2018 (EDT);
04:30:00 Thur. Jun. 7th 2018 (GMT).

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