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Clash of Three Kingdoms

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Experience the realistic world of the Three Kingdoms era. Expand the land, accompany the beauty and conquer the world now!

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The 94th Server Surging World Will Meet with You Soon!

2018-09-19   From:Clash of Three Kingdoms

Surging World, the 94th server of Clash of Three Kingdoms, will be launched at 15:00 p.m. on Sept.20th 2018. This is a realm full of wonders. To survive, you need to lead an army. Start to build your own empire. When you are strong enough, fight for honor and occupy cities on world map.
Defend your own land! All kinds of exciting events are prepared for you!
15:00 Sept.20th 2018 (GMT+8,Server Time);
00:00 Sept.19th 2018 (PDT);  
03:00 Sept.20th 2018 (EDT);
07:00 Sept.19th 2018 (GMT).

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