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New Version-Boost Star

2017-02-07   From:Sango Heroes

Boost Star is used for promoting your heroes' attributes.

How to Open

Lv.80 to unlock


1.Hero-Gear-Boost-Boost Star

2.Bag-Gear-Boost-Boost Star

1.Boost Star is only used for promoting Epic and Legendary gear. Epic gear can be boosted to 3 stars; legendary gear can be boosted to 5 stars.
2.Boost Star is used for promoting your heroes' attributes, such as weapon promotes ATK, boosted weapon still promotes ATK.
3.Click 'Boost Star' has a chance to boost gears' star.
    a.Success, a few attributes and EXP will be added 
    b.Fail, luck will be added and no more others
4.Your gears will be boosted when its EXP is full: You will get some EXP when you boost star successfully and it will be boosted 1 star successfully when EXP is full.
    a.Rate of 'Boost Star' depend on point of luck: The more luck, the higher rate of 'Boost Star' you will get.
    b.The luck will be reset to 0 when your gears boosted 1 star.
    c.The luck will be reset on 00:00 every day.
6.Costing Materials:
    a.Different levels of star cost different materials.
    b.Materials include Silver, Gold and Shards of gears, from which you can choose one of three.
3.Boost Star will cost the first material of default if you don't choose materials.
7.You will get some EXP and a few attributes when you boosted successfully, which depend on what materials you choose.