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Experience the realistic world of the Three Kingdoms era. Expand the land, accompany the beauty and conquer the world now!

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Celebrating New Version--Massive Resources , Boosting Exp, Infin

2014-10-22    From:Clash of Three Kingdoms

Celebrating New Version---- Massive Resources , Boosting Exp, Infinite pleasure
Dear my lord, the new version is coming! We're appreciated for all players no matter what you are, rookie or veteran, for your continuous support for our game. This new version we launched this time will include a lot of new functions and meanwhile some used system will also be optimized and repaired. The reason why we could achieve this is not only for the continuous efforts of our team, but also thanks to the great support from all players. Thanks for the information and advice you provided for us, we here would like to take this opportunity to express our thanks to all of you.
After the update completed, players will see the surprising events which are specially prepared for you to enjoy, including limited Sale and Exp Boost up which will last for 7 days. Sincerely hope each and every player could enjoy it!
Event 1. Limited Sale ---- The Biggest Discount, Just Catch it!

Duration: After update completed  - Oct 23th 23:59
Servers: S1 – S21
With the arrival of new version, the biggest discount will be prepared for you in the Limited Sale, sincerely hope players could catch it and purchase more.
During the event time, you can see a new event named “Limited Sale” in Events in game.
In the limited sale, you can see the following packs. They are all sold in a verylow price. Save gold on these packs!
This time we prepare lot of package of Vouchers:

1.Players should reach Lv. 65 to join this event.
2.Everyone can only buy limited numbers of the packs.
3.The products will automatically add to your account once bought.

Event 2. Level Upgrade get massive EXP! 7Days!!!
Duration: After update completed- 23:59 10/29/2014
Claim Time: Oct 30 00:00 - 23:59
Servers: S1- S21
- At the beginning, the system will record your initial level.
- During the event, you try your best to get more EXP.
- At the end, the system will count the EXP you gained during the event and reward youas Follows:
a.If you have promoted 0.5 levels, you can get 10% EXP bonus of current level.
b.If you have promoted 1 level, youcan get 20% EXP bonus of current level.
c.If you have promoted 1.5 levels, you can get 30% EXP bonus of current level.
d.If you have promoted 2 levels, you can get 50% EXP bonus of current level.
e.If you have promoted 2.5 levels, you can get 70% EXP bonus of current level.
f. If you have promoted 3 levels, you can get 100% EXP bonus of current level.
1. Lv. 70 is required.
2. EXP bonus is able to claim when the event ends.
If you forget to claim, EXP bonus will automatically add to your account after the claim time. And you will receive an email.

Event 3. EXP Boost Up, Boosting! 7 Days!!!
Duration: After update completed -23:59 10/29/2014
Servers: S1- S21
To help our lords upgrade,we will continue EXP Boost Up Event!
10% EXP UP for players Lv 60 ~ Lv 69.
20% EXP UP for players Lv 70 ~ Lv 79.
30% EXP UP for players Lv 80 and above.