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Clash of Three Kingdoms

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Experience the realistic world of the Three Kingdoms era. Expand the land, accompany the beauty and conquer the world now!

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[Event] Top up on Nov.15th

2014-11-14    From:Clash of Three Kingdoms

Dear my lord, At this weekend, the Top up event is specially prepared for you again,in addition, players will be rewarded if you reach the designated requirements,Wish all of you have a nice weekend!
Event 1.Recharge with Surprising on Saturday
Duration00:00 - 23:59 on Saturday, Nov.15th
Server: S1-S22
If you top up 1500 gold, you can claim Voucher*500,Food*500K,Iron*250k (0.45)
1.You only can claim once in this event
2.This event will last only one day
3.Please do not recharge at the end of the event

Event 2. Duel for Resources
Duration:Nov.15th 00:00 – Nov.16th 23:59
Servers:S1- S22
Cities in the World map are waiting for you! Warriors, let’s fight!
If you win certain duels (Strike or Lure) during this event, you will get a big reward! if You fail, then nothing.
1.When you win the duel for 20 times,you can claim 50k Food.
2.When you win the duel for 50 times,you can claim 100k Food 10k Iron again.
3.When you win the duel for 100 times,you can claim 180k Food 15k Iron again.
4.When you win the duel for 200 times,you can claim 380k Food 32k Iron again
5.When you win the duel for 350 times,you can claim 600k Food 60k Iron again
6.When you win the duel for 550 times,you can claim 820k Food 100k Iron again
1. Duel at the server competition is not recorded
2. Please go to Events in game and check this event.
3. Players will be rewarded when the times you win reached as the requirements
4. When you meet one of requirements, you could claim one of the rewards.

Event 3. Four Leaf Clovers—Delivering fortune to you
Duration: 00:00 11/15/2014–23:59 11/17/2014 (GMT +8)
Servers: S1- S22
During this event, all the troops (including NPC and enemies) will drop a Four Leaf Clover. Defeat them and get the Four Leaf Clover and hope you can be lucky.

Players will randomly get a Four Leaf Clover if they defeat an enemy in the World map. The Four Leaf Clover can be converted into Festival Chests in the “Events” icon. Open up the Festival Chests to get large amounts of rewards.

The probability you can get a Four Leaf Clover from the enemy: 70%
· Totally you need 550 Four Leaf Clover for 90 Festival Chests.

You are supposed to get one of the rewards from the Festival Chests.

1. Only player defeated the last row of the enemy's troop can you get the Four Leaf Clover
2. Players are requested to claim the chests before it disappeared with the end of this event.
3. Claim all the chests before this event ends.

Event 4. Weekend Gift