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Clash of Three Kingdoms

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Experience the realistic world of the Three Kingdoms era. Expand the land, accompany the beauty and conquer the world now!

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[Event] Duel for Resources and Weekend Gift

2014-11-28    From:Clash of Three Kingdoms

Everybody, the weekend is coming, there are two events specially for you to be with you enjoying this happy weekend, Have a nice weekend!
Event 1. Duel for Resource
Duration: Nov 29 00:00 – Nov 30 23:59
Servers: S1- S22
Cities in the World map are waiting for you! Warriors, let’s fight! If you win certain duels (Strike or Lure) during this event, you will get a big reward! You fail, then nothing.
1. When you win 20 times duels, you can claim 50k Food.
2. When you win 50 times duels, you can claim 100k Food 10k Iron again.
3. When you win 100 times duels, you can claim 180k Food 15k Iron again.
4. When you win 200 times duels, you can claim 380k Food 32k Iron again
5. When you win 350 times duels, you can claim 600k Food 60k Iron again
6. When you win 550 times duels, you can claim 820k Food 100k Iron again
1. Duel at the server competition is not recorded
2. Please go to Events in game and check this event.
3. Only win times reach the requests will be rewarded.
4. When you reach a requirement, you can claim one of reward.

Event 2.  Weekend Gift