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[Event]Merger Gift for S3&S5

2014-12-16    From:Clash of Three Kingdoms

Event 1. Merger Gift for All
Duration: Server merge finished – 23:59 12/18/2014
To make it easier for you to start a new life in merged server, everyone above Lv. 60 will be able to claim a merger gift in King’s Reward for one time.
500K Food and 50 Recruit Orders
How to Claim:
Go to King’s Reward

Event 2. Warriors in Arena
Duration:Server merge finished – 23:59 12/23/2014
Claim Time: 00:00 11/24 – 23:59 11/25
Players from the two servers are in oneserver. Who is the real warrior now?
At the end of this event, the top 10 players in Rank I in Arena will be rewarded.
Rank 1 will get 200 Gold, 100 Recruit Orders and 2M Food.
Rank 2 will get 100 Gold, 80 Recruit Orders and 1M Food.
Rank 3 will get 80 Gold, 60 Recruit Orders and 800K Food.
Rank 4 ~ 10 will get 50 Gold, 40 Recruit Orders and 500K Food.
How to Claim:
Go to Events in game and find this event.
Only top 10 in Rank I will be rewarded.

Event 3. New Officials
Duration: Server merge finished – 23:59 12/23/2014
Claim Time: 00:00 12/24 – 23:59 12/25
You may be an official in your old server.  Can you still get an official title in this merged one?
At the end of this event, the King and officials from grade 1 to grade 4 (totally 17 officials) will be rewarded.
The King will be rewarded 50 Recruit Orders, 500K Wood and 1M Food.
Grade 1 - 2 will be rewarded 35 Recruit Orders, 350K Wood and 800K Food.
Grade 3 – 4 will be rewarded 20 Recruit Orders, 200K Wood and 500K Food.
Grade 1 officials: Prince, Pope, Elector, and Archduke
Grade 2 officials: Marquis, Exarch, Duke, and Imperial Count
Grade 3 officials: City Count,Metropolitan, Viscount, and Rhine Count
Grade 4 officials: Imperial Born, Cardinal,Baronet, and Imperial Knight