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Celebrating Christmas---Smashing Egg for X.Qiao, D.Chan, Z.Ji

2014-12-23    From:Clash of Three Kingdoms

Celebrating Christmas---Smashing Egg for X.Qiao, D.Chan, Z.Ji
The annually celebrated Christmas is coming! Except for the Christmas gift and Top up events already provided foryou before festival, the Smashing Egg event will be together with you to celebrate during the Christmas Day! May the joy forever be with you! MerryChristmas! !
Event 1.Smashing Egg--Celebrating Christmas with 3 beauties
Duration:00:00 12/24/2014-23:59 12/26/2014 (GMT +8)
Level: Above 70 Level
During the event, Players spend 200 Gold can getone availablehammer. Hammers can be used to hit eggs! These eggs contain millions of EXP,Gold,Resources,Gem and so on.What’s more,  Our special Hero Zhen Ji in the Sliver Egg,And X.Qiao,D.Chan hidden in the Golden Egg 
When this event ends and if you still have hammers thatare not used yet, these hammers will be converted automatically into Recruit Orders by the system.
One hammer = 10 Recruit Orders.

1. Silver eggs need 2 hammers and Golden eggsneed 5 hammers.
2. Bonusin eggs will directly add to your account.
3. You need to “Claim” the available hammers before hitting the eggs. Hammers only can be used to hit eggs.
4.New players please finish the guide beforehit the eggs. You will get lots of Lord EXP from eggs.

Event 2. FREE-Hammers
Duration:00:00 12/24/2014-23:59 12/26/2014 (GMT +8)
Want eggs? Lack hammers? DO NOTWORRY!
System will give you 2 hammers at 12:00 every day.
How to Claim?

Presented hammers will directly add to your Left hammers. Please remember to check.
1.Players will totally get 6 hammers for free. You can use these hammers to hit 3 Silver eggs or 1 Golden egg.

Event 3 Celebrating Christmas Eve and Christmas Day---Bell
Duration: 00:00 12/24/2014-23:59 12/26/2014 (GMT+8)
Servers: S1- S23
During this event, all the troops(including NPC and enemies) will drop a Bell Defeat them, get their Belland hope you can be lucky.

Players will randomly get a Bell if they defeat an enemy in the Worldmap.Bell can be converted into Festival Chests inthe “Events” icon. Open Festival Chests to get large amounts of rewards.
The probability you can get a Bell from the enemy: 70%
· Totally, you need 550 Bell for 90 Festival Chests.

You are supposed to get one of the rewardsfrom the Festival Chests.
1.Lv.60 is required
2.You have to defeat the last row troop ofthe enemy’s hero to get a Bell
3.Players need to claim the chests andchests will disappear after this event ends.
4.Claim all the chests before this event ends.