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Clash of Three Kingdoms

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Experience the realistic world of the Three Kingdoms era. Expand the land, accompany the beauty and conquer the world now!

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Newbie's FAQ

2013-11-05    From:Clash of Three Kingdoms

Q: I can't connect to the server.
A: Please double check your network. Make sure the server is not under maintenance.

Q: How do I recruit a hero?
A: After you defeat certain heroes in instances, you can recruit them from the Tavern. You can click the question mark on the top right corner of the Tavern interface to see who can be recruited.

Q: Which hero is the best? How can you block?
A: Heroes can be divided into several different qualities from lowest to highest: Common, Uncommon, Rare, Epic and Legendary from. Each hero possesses Leadership and Force. When a hero possesses higher Leadership, he has higher chance to block. A few of heroes possess hidden Block Rate.

Q: How to dispatch more heroes to battle?
A: After you clear certain instances and research Leadership, you can dispatch more heroes to battle.

Q: When I tried to dismiss a hero, the system prompted that my inventory was full. I can’t dismiss the target.
A: When you dismiss a hero, the system will automatically save his equipment into your inventory. You can’t dismiss a hero when your inventory is full. You can click Equipment and then Depot to sell your equipment first. Then you can dismiss a hero.

Q: Is in-game equipment different in level? How can one receive better equipment?
A: When your character upgrades, your equipment will be enhanced as well. In-game equipment can be divided into Poor, Common, Uncommon, Rare, Epic and Legendary. You will receive higher Intimacy when you refresh the Shop more time. Higher Intimacy means higher chance to refresh high quality equipment.

Q: How to refine equipment?
A: Click “Equipment” and then “Refine” to refine a piece of equipment. You can select which attribute you want to refine.

Q: What’s the highest level that I can refine equipment to?
A: Rare equipment can be refined to level 2. Epic equipment can be refined to level 3. Legendary equipment can be refined to level 5.

Q: What’s Loyalty for?
A: When you collect 100 points of Loyalty, you will be rewarded with tons of resources.

Q: When can I trigger Affairs?
A: You have a chance to trigger Affairs when you upgrade your buildings. However, Affairs won’t be triggered at fixed interval.

Q: How to receive the chance to Pray?
A: The system may reward you with free Pray when you level up. You may randomly receive Free Pray from daily login rewards as well. In addition, you can consume Gold to pray.

Q: What are resources for?
A: Silver: Can be used to buy equipment, recruit heroes, upgrade buildings, exchange for resources from Blackmarket and research Tech.
Wood: Can be used to upgrade buildings and research Tech.
Gain: Can be used to recruit troops, clear instances, move in the world and research Tech.
Iron: Can be used to upgrade armaments and research Tech.

Q: How to increase the income?
A: Upgrade resource buildings to increase resources gained. Click the resources above the main interface and pay to increase the income.

Q: How do I get a Title?
A: You can occupy the corresponding Title building in the imperial city to get a Title. Note: You must launch a battle but not follow others to occupy a Title building.

Q: How do I upgrade a country?
A: When a country has enough Exp to level up, the King and Prime Minister can activate the quest “Journey to Conquer”. Accomplish the quest to upgrade the country and claim the reward. If players fail to accomplish the quest, they can’t activate it again within 24 hours.

Q: How do I claim Killing Chest?
A: Killing Chest is the reward for players on the Kills Ranking. You should kill enemies to receive a chest and claim abundant resources.

Q: How do I summon Shadows?
A: When you are in a battle, you can click “Shadow” to summon them. However, you can’t summon Shadows when the battle is about to end.

Q: How do I cast a hero’s skill?
A: When you are in a battle, you can click the avatar in the middle of Tactics on the lower right corner of the game interface to cast the corresponding skills. However, a hero can’t cast his Stunt if his troops are not full when he joins the battle.

Q: How to duel?
A: When you are in a battle, you can click “Lure” or “Launch Attack” to duel with the rival.

Q: How to claim a Package?
A: When the system gives away Packages, you will see the corresponding icon prompt on your main city interface. You can click “Buy” and “Package” buttons on the top left corner to open the Package interface. Then you can see what you have received.