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Strategy of Defeating Sun Ce

2016-01-27    From:Clash of Three Kingdoms

Lord and ladies, the solicitation of Defeating Sun Ce has ended with great achievements, sincerely thanks for all of you great support and brilliant ideas. Especially for your generosities of sharing this to all of players. Here, on behalf of our COTK team, thank you! And the award list are as follows.

Here is the choice strategy for defeating Lu Xun:

Another strategy collection is coming again! Come and share your strategy or ideas of how you sucessfully pass the elite instance and get Sun Ce. Welcome YOUR participation and meanwhile, players who could provide the best suggestions will be rewarded with absolutely generous gifts

Here are some brief introduction about our incredible and handsome hero:
Hero Talent: For the first time common attack each turn, the hero can disable the enemy's first attack due to more troops
Outstanding Terrain Talent: All-Terrain with capacity+25%
What are you waiting ? Come and get him!
[Time] Ends on Jan. 26th, 2016
[Server] All servers
1.Sending your strategy under this post which should not only be more than 150 words with some pictures attached, but also contains the information of how to pass the instance and defeat Sun Ce
2.Write down your ign and server
3.Plagiarism is severely prohibited, if any resemblance, the first one would be adopted.
4.Strategy including every stage, pictures, detailed information will be given priority compared with other posts
We'll select top 3 as the most valuable articles who will receive 300 gold as rewards when the event's over. Meanwhile, these strategies will also be gathered and shared in our official website.
1.Any participants should reply strictly in accordance with the our requirements, so please read it carefully
2.Any posts inconsistent with the requirements will not be adopted and loss the chance to be rewarded
3.The final explanation is reserved by COTK

P.S Here are some previous best strategy provided by players for Lu Xun, Zhou Yu, Guo Jia for your reference

For Lu Xun:
1. http://suo.im/psw2f
2. http://suo.im/g5v0c
For Zhou Yu:
1. http://suo.im/lzs6w
2. http://suo.im/d6tcd
For Guo Jia:
1. http://suo.im/eig77
2. http://suo.im/j0m60