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Strategy of defeating D.Wei

2015-03-04    From:Clash of Three Kingdoms

Dear all players, the solicitation for defeating D.Wei has come to an end. We're very appreciated for the valuable experience you shared with us and your proactively participation on this event. Thank you. Based on the strategy provided for us, we've selected the top 5 after carefully reading all of them and we indeed learned a lot from them. Now, pls allow me here to declare the top 5 and each of the winner will be rewarded with 200 gold. As for the rest of participants who haven't been selected as the top 5, we've very appreciated your kindly and warmly participation especially for your big support for the COTK and sincerely hope you will not be disappointed and lose your confident.

Here are the top 5 list ( All IN RANDOM ORDER)

NO.1 [Strategy][S14. Archraven]Easily defeatingD.Wei
IGN(In-GameName): Archraven
The player's personal opinion on defeating D.Wei has been better elaborated by the perfect matching of characters and pictures. He/She almost has a perfect understanding of every aspects concerning about the game as well as attaching the link of our official website. Generally speaking, it is one of the best strategies on defeating D.Wei and really worthy of learning for all players.

NO.2 [Strategy][S17.ChaosAge]DefeatingD.Wei
Server: S17
IGN(In-GameName): ChaosAge
The player has an unique understanding on the foster of each and every hero,matching of the equipment and the correct line-up of heroes and what's more, he/she made a detail explanation so that every player could easily understand.

NO.3 [Strategy][S1.Raavan]Easily defeatingD.Wei
IGNIn-Game Name): Raavan
What he suggested is mainly for Non VIP Players. The strategy is stated logically and well-organized referring many aspects, such as gems, level of armament and etc.

NO.4 [Strategy][S1.Kreaster]Defeating D.Wei
Server: S1
IGN(In-Game Name): Kreaster
This strategy is stated explicitly and could be easily understood, which mainly elaborate his own understanding of the order of hero and the match of armament .

NO.5 [Strategy][S7.Orochi]Easily defeating D.Wei
IGN( In-GameName): Orochi
What he/she suggested has been better matched with corresponding pictures to explain explicitly and are all the conclusion of his/her personal experience.

We're very appreciated for players who proactively participated in this event. If any questions about defeating D.Wei, you could directly click this five strategy and if you are in the same server as they are,you could link them and ask them directly. Last but not the least, Wish you could get D. Wei easily in the game and enjoy your game! Have a nice day! Thank you.
----The team of COTK