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Clash of Three Kingdoms

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Experience the realistic world of the Three Kingdoms era. Expand the land, accompany the beauty and conquer the world now!

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2014-03-03    From:Clash of Three Kingdoms


The new expansion, CHAOS, of COTK is now ready and it is under checking by App Store and Google Play.
It is an age of chaos. Warlords are waging battles for lands! Masses are suffering! Heroes are killed in fightings and New heroes arise everywhere! Come on! Gather your army and free our people!
The key systems of this new expansion are TRIAL TOWER and GEM. Today we will introduce TRIAL TOWER.


             Level 53 are required for TRIAL TOWER.

             At the bottom right

Players will get masses of EXP and Soul inTrial Tower. ( Soul will be introduced later.)

         *  Common bonus: players will get much EXP and Soul (possible) fromevery stage.
         *  First Clearance: players will get a big bonus for first defeating ofevery stage.


>>>Game Play
         *  About FLOORS
             Trial tower has SIX Floors altogether and 25 stages for each floor.
             Players will meet a BOSS stage for every 5 stages.

         *  SP ( Special Point)
             Players have 200 SP at first. The max limit will increaseas you defeating more floors.
             It costs a certain number of SP to challenge.
             SP will restore by 5 every half hour. Players can also cost some gold to buy SP. SP purchasing time will be reset everyday and it isdetermined by your VIP.


>>>SWEEP and SWEEP 10
             Players can sweep stages that have been cleared automatically. Sweep also needs SP.
             Sweep 10 will sweep the stage for 10 times.