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[New Version][New Cross Event]----League Hegemony

2020-06-02   From:Clash of Three Kingdoms

League Hegemony
Dear lords, new Cross Event --- League Hegemony will be launched in new version! You can fight for yourself to win big rewards which have new resource --- G.Bond. Let’s have a look!
When the League Hegemony is about to start, lords can sign in competition by the entrance. According to different levels, lords will enter different groups and each group will be divided into six leagues. In the preparation stage of the competition, lords of each group can vote for "Leader" to command and lead the lords to carry out the subsequent competition. After each round of competition, each lord will get single competition rewards according to League Points and own Kills. After the end of all competitions, there will be rich Champion Rewards and Rank Rewards! The G.Bond obtained in the event can be exchanged for Sovereign Reborn Cards and other resources.
[Competition Cycle]:
The League Hegemony lasts for 12 days and registration stage will lasts for 36 hours. Lords have 8 hours to vote for “Leaders”, after leaders are confirmed, they will have 4 hours to consider giving up position. What’s more, leaders can adjust other positions from 0:00 to 19:50 every day after the start of competition. 20:00-21:30 is the battle time every day. Lords can get a lot of G.Bond after the end.
[Registration Rules]:
After the start of event, lords can register to join competition. The Lords above Lv.90 can enter different groups (Super Group, Class A Group and Class B Group) according to their own levels. Each group is divided into 6 leagues.
Note: Different levels of grouping make up the strength gap between the new server and the old server to a certain extent, so that players in the new server can also get a lot of rewards.
[Voting & position rules]:
After the league is confirmed, each lord can see players information in own league and vote. Each lord has 5 votes, which can be voted for anyone in the league (Also vote for yourself). At the end of the voting stage, the leader of the league will be ranked according to the number of votes and other four positions are Vice Leader, Pioneer, L-General and R-General.
1.Each player has 5 votes, and each vote is only for 1 player.
2.If players have voted, the votes cannot be revoked. 
3.If the leader gives up his position, the next player with the highest number of votes will be promoted to the leader.
4.If the leader gives up his position, the votes will be cleared and player will not win position again in this season.
[Pre Competition Preparation]:
Before the competition, the leader can adjust the other four positions and change the name of the league. Five positions including the leader have different privileges:
Leader: Use Official Order, Capacity+10%, Upper Limit for Shadow+200, Change League Name, Manage Positions
Vice Leader: Use Official Order, Capacity+5%, Upper Limit for Shadow+150
Pioneer: Capacity+15%, Upper Limit for Shadow+100
L-General: Capacity+10%, Upper Limit for Shadow+200
R-General: Capacity+10%, Upper Limit for Shadow+200
1.The official order of position privilege can only be used in this League Hegemony in the same way as Country War.
2.Open Cross Chat after grouping and continue until the end of this event.
[Competition Introduction]:
The League Hegemony will be launched in the new map, and the final victory will be achieved by occupying the key city to obtain points. Xiangyang will increase 10 points per minute after occupying the central city, and the League occupying Xiangyang will gain an additional 100 points at the end of the competition. Hengyang, Hedong and Xiapi are the key cities. After occupying them, 5 points will be added every minute. The League occupying these cities at the end of the game will get an additional 50 points. 

After occupying the points city, the occupation time will be displayed at the bottom of the city. Some cities are special ones, that is, heroes can't release chariots, civilian skills, skills, etc.
1.At the end of the competition, the league with the highest points will win the competition.
2.If the points are the same, the league occupying the central city at the end of the competition is the winner, and the other two leagues are the losers.
3.When the two leagues with the highest points don’t occupy the central city, the one with the longest time of occupying the central city wins.
At the end of each competition, each league will be rewarded according to the points obtained in this competition. The league that wins in the battle (with the highest points) will have 1.5* Rewards!         
The G.Bond will be calculated according to the points of occupying cities and the ranking of own kills. The higher the points and own kills are, the richer the G.Bond will be. At the end of a single competition, players can view the league information of the next competition and the current group points ranking information through the Calendar and Situation.

After the end of the whole competitions, each league will get the season rewards according to the points ranking of this competition. In addition to the ranking rewards, the champion league with the highest points ranking in each group will also have additional rewards.

All data above are only for reference, please take the in-game as precedence.