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[New Version] New System -- Incidents System

2020-07-14   From:Clash of Three Kingdoms

Incidents System
Dear lords, there will be launched a new game play in this version. Incidents system will help you observe the people's situation and get the super value resource rewards! Let's have a look!        
1.Incidents appear in the cities of world map, and there needs heroes in the cities to deal with.
2.Each incident is composed of multiple tasks, which need to be completed one by one. Each time a task is completed, the task rewards can be obtained. After finishing all the tasks, an incident is dealt with and the lord can get the final incident rewards.
The first way: Initial Incidents
1.After country has occupied a city designated to deal with incident, the players of own country can go to the city to do it.
2.This incident only occurs once, and there is no time limit. The task is kept until the processing is completed.
The second way: Incidents Order
1.Lords can get Incidents Order in the world mission. There are three kinds of Incidents Order: Junior Incidents Order, Middle Incidents Order and Senior Incidents Order. Players can use Incidents Order to open incidents. Different levels of Incidents Order can open different levels of difficulty, and the rewards will be different.
2.This incident has time limit, and only five cities incidents can be opened at the same time.
[Claim Rewards]:
1.Each task rewards in the incident is automatically obtained when the task is completed.
2.Incidents rewards need be claimed manually.
3.Hero is required to be in the city to claim the rewards.
4.When claiming the rewards, the city should belong to own country and be in a state of peace.
5.Unclaimed rewards in Initial Incidents of the first way will remain.
6.Unclaimed rewards with using Incidents Order of the second way will send you by mail at the end of the countdown.

All data above is only for reference, please take the in-game as the precedence.