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Clash of Three Kingdoms

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Experience the realistic world of the Three Kingdoms era. Expand the land, accompany the beauty and conquer the world now!

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[News] New Server 1 Heroes Rise Hot Events is Coming!

2013-11-20   From:Clash of Three Kingdoms

The New server Heroes Rise wait your now, please join us without any hesitate!

14:00 on November 20th2013(GMT+8) S1 Heroes Rise Launch!!


Event1:First Recharge for Generous Gifts

[Time]: From the time of server released

[Participants]:All players who haven'trecharged
1. To thanks for your support andlove to Clash of Three Kingdoms, players can receive double the gold and epicequipments and become our VIP members for their FIRST one-time purchase.
2. Each eligible player canreceive the bonus ONCE and for their FIRST purchase only.
3. The more gold you purchase forthis very first time, the more bonus gold you will get from this event.
If Tom purchase 4800 gold for the first time, he will getanother 4800 gold and epic equipment as a result.
Totally, Tom get 9600 gold and epic equipments.
1. Double the gold: you can get doublegolds First-recharge only.

2. Epic equipments:

Event2aily Login Bonus

[Time]: From the time of server released

[Participants]:All players
For everyday you log in to COTK, you get abonus deposited into your account. You even have a certain chance for a evenbigger bonus

Golds and Worship Times

Event3:Become a VIP and Enjoy VIP privileges!

[Time]: From the time of server releasing

[Participants]:All players
In COTK, you can click the icon"Recharge" on the top of the game interface to purchase Golds.
Once you become our VIP member, thefollowing privileges will automatically become available! Come join us andenjoy the privilege services! Gift packs will be delivered to the Depot ofeligible VIP members. Click on the Gift Packs to receive rewards.
[Privilege Services and Gifts]


Event4:Conquer Epic Heroes!

[Time]: 72h since the character created

[Participants]:All players
During this event, the emperors who candefeat the heroes blow will be well rewarded! Now, direct your warriors toconquer epic heroes and get rewards!


Event5: Upgrade your Armament for Iron gift packs

[Time]: Ends at 12:00 (GMT+8, Server Time),7 days after the server is released.

1. At the end of this event,player whose armament total levels meet the conditions will be rewarded largeamout of Irons.
2. After the event ends, playerhave 3 more days to claim their bonus.


Event6: Be mighty and get Honored

[Time]: Ends at 12:00 (GMT+8, Server Time),7 days after the server is released.

At the end of this event, officials (fromgrade 1~4) of each country will be well rewarded for what they have done to thecountry.


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