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Merger Time Comes Again! Now Merger S3+S12 and S95+S97!

2019-10-16   From:Clash of Three Kingdoms

To build good quality game environment and to promote interactions among players, we will carry out server merger for COTK from 12:30 Oct.17th 2019 after maintenance. The merger will last about 2 hours and this time we will merger two groups of servers involved are S3+S12 and S95+S97. These two groups of servers will be temporarily shut down during the merger. Your patience and understanding are highly appreciated.
S12 will be merged into S3, meanwhile, S97 will be merged into S95. Players’ current game data will not be affected after the merger. Players can still log into the game like they used to.
I. Please be aware that the following will be completed during the merger
1. Characters falling into the following three categories at the same time will be deleted:
a. Lower than Lv. 30
b. Offline for more than 30 days
c. No Gold recharge records
2. For duplicated names, here is the solution:
Duplicated character name will be added with the old server number as a suffix. For example, Arthur.S5
3. All events will be reset/deleted after the merger. Remember to claim all rewards available before the merger.
4. If players play in several servers and their different characters happen to be in those servers to be merged:

a. He/She will have to choose a character before logging in to game.
b. Need to choose a default character when recharging on Heyshell platform.
5. The data of cities and city guards on world map will be collected/copied from the targeted server (the old server).
6. The data of supplies will be collected/copied from the targeted server (the old server).
7.The data of country level and EXP will be collected/copied from the higher one of these two servers.
8. All heroes will be sent back to capital city.
9. All shadows on world map will be cleared and free shadow times will be returned to players.
10. Officials in Palace will be cleared.
11. Arena rank data will be cleared.
12. All the data in Rank (Kills, Duel Rank, Siege) will be kept and combined.
13.About the Fief: if the server is the targeted server, the fief rewards will be reserved; if the server is the server which be merged, the fief rewards in this server will be cleared.
II. Free Merger Gift Pack
S12 launched later than S3, S97 launched later than S95, so players higher than Lv. 75 from S12 or S97 will get a gift pack.
Gift pack = Days difference * (Gold*10, Lord EXP*30K and Food*100K)
And Gift pack for S12 or S97 is Gold*200, Lord EXP*600K and Food*2000K. (Max Day difference is set to be 20 days.)
III. Exciting Events
We have lots of fun and exciting events after the merger! Prepare to enjoy!
IV. Feedback
If you have any suggestion or expectations about the server merger, please E-mail us : cotk@kaixin-inc.com
Thank you for your support and enthusiasm!
COTK Team.