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Wonderful Events are Coming!

2016-12-05    From:Sango Heroes

Dear Lords, to express the gratitude for all your support to Sango Heroes, we have prepared wonderful events for you. Much love our Lords, we are committed to continuous efforts to truly repay every player!
Time: Dec. 6th 00:00 – Dec. 8th 23:59
Server: S1 – S7
More details are as follows:
Event. 1 Login Gift
Players can rewarded with gold via daily login during the event.
Event. 2 Top-up Bonus
During the event, players can get related rewards when recharging specified gold.
Event. 3 Groupon
The awaiting Server-Cross Purchase is coming! There are time-limited Groupon released during the event, with many precious gift right here waiting for you~
Other Information is available in the game, please have a look~