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Groupon, Marching-on!

2016-12-30    From:Sango Heroes

★The more people participate in the Groupon, the more benefits you will enjoy!
★Coupons can be used as Gold! Come and get it!
★Early purchase, early benefits! The discount price differences will be all returned to your account when the event ends~

Event Time: 2017 Jan. 1st 00:00 –Jan. 3rd 23:59
Claim Time: 2017 Jan. 4th 00:00 –Jan. 4th 23:59 (Price Difference)
Server: S1 – S18 (Server opened more than 14D)
The awaiting Groupon is coming! With many precious gift including Legendary Heroes and Precious Gear Shards as always. Good chance for all our Lords to become stronger with these items, let’s have fun together~

1. Groupon is available for the Lords who is above Lv. 65
2. After 3-days Groupon, there will be one day Claim time, you can claim the discount price differences in the 4th day. And all the different prices will be returned to you.

More details is available in the game, please have a look~