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New Event - Patrol Fair

2017-01-18    From:Sango Heroes

Patrol fair to meet random events. You will get rewards and points when you finish event.


You can enter Patrol Fair in the interface of Rich Nation.


Lv.50 to unlock


You will get random rewards and points when you patrol fair. Besides, you will encounter randomly 5 special events as follow:

1. Fair Shop

You can purchase various items in fair shop. Cost 10 gold to refresh items when you purchase items. Each item can only be purchased for once, after that you cannot purchase it anymore.

2. Patrol Gift

You will get rewards when you open Patrol Gift. There are 2 gifts: free gift and privilege gift. Of course, the rewards are different, including rare items and common items. Open gift for only 1 time. Free for 1 time and privilege for 1 time.

3. Cateran

You will get rewards when you win. Challenge bandits costs 10 SP and you can only do it for 1 time.

4. Finger-Guess

Choose yours and get rewards, which includes 3 rewards. You will get rewards whatever you choose. Let's rock roll.

5. Recharge Bonus

Get special rewards when you recharge enough gold.

Ranking of Point

1. Get points by events when your points is enough.

2. You will be listed in rank when your points reach 12000.

3. Get rewards when you in TOP 100.

4. The players who have the same points will be ranked according to the time.