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[Daily Task] Famous

2016-11-15    From:Sango Heroes

Famous Dungeon is one of features of Sango Heroes, not only can you learn ancient stories from the fighting, but also can you get abundant rewards from it.

[How to Unlock]

Players above Lv. 28 could find it at Dungeon-Famous.

[Basic Rules]

There are limit chance to fighting the Famous Dungeon, even VIP players can only fight 5 times a day. A great deal of resources is available when you pass every stage, just like silvers, souls, EXP etc. Simultaneously you will get Gold as first win Gift~


Every time when you clear 3 stage, there will be a mark show behind the stage, click to pass the stage. Usually the stage is easy to clear and doesn’t consume any daily chance, and that drops the Sealed Tome too. The mark will turned like when you pass the stage.

All data above is only for reference, please take the in-game as the precedence