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Silver Earning

2016-11-29    From:Sango Heroes

Dear Lords, as you know, silver is an important resource in our game, with silvers, you can enhance your power from many aspect and then become invincible. So, in this part, we will tell you how to ‘earn money’ in Sango Heroes.

First of all, it’s better to know where can produce the silver before you get to start, and the good thing is, there are still many places you can gain silver in the game:

1. Daily. 

Including Dungeon, Check-In, Quest, Amass Fortune, easy and worthy~

2. Map.

Including the Main Dungeon, Arena, Peerless Journey, Y. Rebellion, not only can you explore the exciting journey, but also you can get abundant rewards, why not have a try?

3. Exchange.

Disenchange the unused Hero, gear and trinket is a good way of recycle; 

Purchase silver in various shop or receive from VIP pack

4. Achievement

Such as Quest, you can get silver as rewards after fulfill the Quest;

Or get silver in VIP Pack 

Here’s a little tips of how to get silver:

In the first place, you can choose Silver Dungeon to collect Silver when there’s enough items for you, moreover, it’s better to accomplish all the Quest every day, it’s absolutely a huge fortune for you.

And then, Amass Fortune can bring you a lot of silver if you draw 3 times every day.

Finally, purchase silver with gold. As we know, the price of silver will be rise after you purchase certain times within a day, you can bought up the silver with a low price for the sake of saving your money.

With silvers in your packet, just enjoy the game now~