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Friend System

2016-11-11   From:Sango Heroes

Everybody needs friends, especially when you’re fight with your enemies, even you are strong, you can’t stand alone towards the mighty force. It’s easy and convenient to make friends here, just click the friend in the bottom right comer and make friends, you are not alone from then.

There is the ‘Suggest’ button below the screen, it will help you to find the players who is well-matched in strength with you. And the ‘Add Friends’ button near the ‘Suggest’ can be used to search players whoever you want to add.


You can preview the level, power, Guild in the List after you added them, you can chose Delete, Blacklist, PM, Send Mail, View, Duel with your friend after you click his/her profile.

Friends can sent vigor to each other, that is to say, the more friends you make, the more vigor you get~ What are you waiting for, make friends and get along with them now~

All data above is only for reference, please take the in-game as the precedence.