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Guild System

2016-11-11   From:Sango Heroes

There’s an old saying that’Two heads are better than one’, which we couldn’t agree more, especially when you’re fighting against your enemies. A reliable guild is a solid support, and here our Guild system will help you find allies to fight together.

You can find Guild icon in the main interface.

Either you can create a new Guild or enter an existing one, it’s up to you. (The search button in the bottom of the screen can be used to search Guild)

Accordingly, you’ll benefit a lot from the Guild you joined in:

First of all, over-valued items are available at a good price;

Secondly, there are Guild Sale with Limited time, during which you can purchase your needed items. What’s more, Hero Shard will be randomly appeared in the Guild Sale. Each item can be purchase once, only once, grab the chance and armed yourselves!

After that, there is Rewards. Players can buy precious items when your Guild reaches the specified level.

Of course, only enjoy the benefit is not good enough for the development of the Guild, you have to make contributions to the Guild. And Guild Fete offers the chance for you, Guild members can finish a fete by consuming Gold or Silver, and open the chest when the fete reach the related number. Everyone will be rewarded!

What are you waiting for, come and join us!

All data above is only for reference, please take the in-game as the precedence.