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Treasure Hunt

2016-11-16   From:Sango Heroes

Dear Lords, are you getting tired of the stereotypical enemies in Dungeon and want to have more fun? Treasure Hunt in Sango Heroes will lead you to a more interesting place~

[How to Unlock]

The Treasure Hunt can be found in Battle when you reach Lv.15.

[Basic Rules]

There are 4 fixed trinket in the panel, as well as the shards in your bag which can be fused into trinket then. You can choose plunder the shards that you don’t have before.

Whether you are win or lose, you will receive certain EXP and silver. Of course, wining a battle will bring you more treasure, and you will possibly obtain some trinket shards, Gear Shards, Silver, Gold and other resources when you win. You can fuse an integrated trinket after you successfully plundered all shards.

Pay attention to your shards in your bag, they may plundered by others. To avoid this thing happen, you can use Truce Tablet to make your treasure safe for a period of time.


1. The trinket will disappear after all your existing shards fused into an integrated trinket, only when you get the shard again, can you plundered once again.

2. The time in Truce Tablet can be repeatablecalculated.

All above are only for reference, please take the in-game data as precedence.