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Peerless Journey

2016-11-16   From:Sango Heroes

Peerless Journey has a high demanding on players. Players have to pass through the stages from easy to difficult, and will get abundant rewards when wining a battle.

[How to Unlock]

Peerless Journey will not be available until your level is LV.22.


You have to meet one of the 3 requirements below:

1. Wipe out the enemies in certain rounds. e.g. Finish in 60 rounds.

2. More than certain percent of troops left. e.g. More than 50% troops left.

3. Less than the specified quantities of heroes died. e.g. Less than 2 hero died.

[Difficulty and Rating]

1. Each stage has 3 difficulty levels including Easy, Common, and Hard which are respectively corresponding to 1/2/3 star.

2. Every difficulty level will show a recommended amount of Power for reference. You’d better choose a difficulty level according to your own power.

3. Higher the difficulties, better the rewards.

4. You will receive a chest from every 3 stages you’ve cleared. If you’ve earned more stars in the stage, you will receive more handsome rewards from the chest.

5. Whenever you clear 3 stages, you can spend the stars earned to get combat bonuses.


The system will listed Top 20 players who are getting the most stars.


You’ll get fame when you clear a stage, which can be used to purchase high-qualitied gears and other valuable resources.

All data above is only for reference, please take the in-game as the precedence