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Recruit System

2016-11-16   From:Sango Heroes

Dear Lords, did you wonder that others got excellent heroes and you’re still far behind them? Please do not worry! Recruit System is the solution for all these troubles~

Players can recruit different heroes in Recruit panel, and there are 3 kinds of ways for your choice, including Hero Recruitment, Advanced Recruitment, Misc Recruitment.

[Basic Rules]

1. Hero Recruitment: You can recruit Common, Rare, Heroic Hero in this section, there are 3 times available every day, and if there is no free chance today, you can consume general token to recruit heroes

2. Advanced Recruitment: Players can recruit Rare, Heroic and Epic hero in this section, draw 10 heroes awards 12 heroes! Both Godly Hero Token and Gold can recruit heroes here, what’s more, you can draw 20 heroes when you reached VIP8, and rewarded with 24 heroes which including at least 1 Epic Hero~

3. Misc Recruitment: Players can recruit Rare, Heroic and Epic hero here, there are 4camps of heroes(Wei, Shu, Wu, Qun), each camp last for 2 days. Consume gold to recruit heroes, and recruit chance will be reset in 24:00 every day, 15 times ensures an Epic Hero~

Heroes are necessaryfor strengthen your power, recruit more heroes and become stronger~

All data above is only for reference, please take the in-game as the precedence