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Escort Trade Caravan

2016-11-16   From:Sango Heroes

Dear lords, with the growth of the level you may find that the consumption on hero shards become harder to collect, especially when you promote a hero from Lv.3 to Lv.4 requires a corresponding card of the hero. To promote the hero you need to collect all Shards to fuse the same hero again. Fortunately, Escort Trade Caravan will help you a lot with this situation, you will not afraid of the insufficient shards anymore.


Players reaching Lv.32 can unlock the Escort Trade Caravan in Battle.

[Basic Rules]

There are 6 cities in total, you can unlock the trade caravan by defeating the defenders, then you can click “+” to sending a hero to escort a trade caravan.

After arriving the destination, you will receive shards of the hero you escorted.

In preparation stage, you can choose the type of the caravan and the way of escort, they are various from the consumption in time and vigor. Accordingly, the rewards is various too.


While escorting a trade caravan, a portion of your goods may robbed by some robbers, during which you may need the help of your friend, click Assist ally to enter the panel. If the robbers are defeated before they reach their own base, you will recapture the goods. Otherwise, you will lose the goods. If you help others defeat robbers, you will be rewarded as well.

What is of the vital important is that each city has its special hero and resource, to take Hanzhong city as an example, except for the original shards and resources, it also has probability to get the card of Liu Bei, Zhang Fei and other valuable resources like Foodstuff, wine and silver.

All data above is only for reference, please take the in-game as the precedence