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Enhance&Forge Gears

2016-11-29   From:Sango Heroes

A set of good equipment need the owner’s forge and strengthen, that why we need the Enhance Master to help us make the gear more powerful than before.

Click gears to enter the Enhance panel.

[Gear Enhance]

Consume silver to enhance gears and promote the basic attributes.


Enhance-Master contains 4 basic parts, G-Enhance, G-Forge, T-Enhance and T-Carve, each part can promote the attribute of a hero in different aspects.

[How to Unlock]

When the Gear Forge, Trinket Enhance and Trinket Carve of a hero reached the specific level, the enhance attribute of the Enhance Master can be activated.


1. Enhance Master is an independent system for every hero, each hero has his own Enhance Master.

2. Only when a hero is equipped all set of the gears and trinkets which reached the required level can Enhance Master be activated, otherwise not.

[Gear Forge]

Consume Super Refined Iron to forge the gears can bring additional attribute to the gear.

All data above is only for reference, please take the in-game as the precedence