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Hero Cultivation

2016-11-29   From:Sango Heroes

No one is born of fierce, even a powerful general need to be promote by his lord. Our system Hero Cultivate had precisely embodied this.

First of all you need to enter the hero panel and click Cultivate, and then you can cultivate the chosen hero.

Cultivate hero can enhance the attribute of a hero from many aspects, including ATK, HP, Phy Def, Str Def, during which we need to consume the corresponding

Cultivate Bolus purchased with Souls in Hero Shop. There are 3 ways of Cultivation you can choose as follows:

And if you are a VIP player with certain level, you can choose the cultivate times like 5 or 10 times to cultivate more efficiency and conveniently.

All data above are only reference, please take the in-game as precedence