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[New Version] Hero Divination

2016-12-17   From:Sango Heroes

Function and Entrance

You will unlock Hero Divination when you reach Lv. 60, and you will see the entrance in the interface of Recruit.


Country Recruit

1.You can only recruit Hero Shards which are belong to country currently.

2.The country will be changing every 48 hours. The change order is  "Wei-Shu-Wu-Qun".

Recruit Times and Costing

1.You can recruit 50 times every day, and the recruit times will be reset at 00:00.

2.You can recruit for free for the first time.

3.You can recruit once for costing 268 gold.

4.Draw 10 times for costing 2518 gold.

Rewards of Recruit

1.You will get 10K Silver when you recruit every time.

2.You will randomly get one kind of Hero Shards when you recruit every time.

3.You will get Starluck Points when you recruit every time.

You can choose a Legendary Hero card from the current country when you cumulate 1000 Starluck, and collect consumes 1000 Starluck.

The above screenshots are only for reference, all detailed data is based on online version.