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[New Version] Spirit System

2017-01-11   From:Sango Heroes

Spirit is divided into Purple, Epic and Legendary, which is belonging to Lords. Enhance status through collect, equip and combination. You will release skills of whom is been equipped. Every Spirit has its combination, and combinations' effects will be activated when all spirits are collected.

How to play


Lords' interface- Possess

Get Spirits

1. Guild Shop

2. Get spirits by events

3. You can have only one spirit for each. New spirits will automatically convert spirits' essences when you already have the same spirits.

Spirits' Status

I. Basic Status

1. Every spirit has 2 basic status

2. It includes: Damage Reduction, Damage, ATK, Hit, Anti-crit, Crit, Dodge, Anger

3. Basic Status will not be chaneged as the Level Up

4. Status will not changing the Heroic attribute


II. Enhance Status

1. Every spirit has 4 enhance status

2. Enhance statuses include: Attack, HP, Phy Def and Mana Def

3. It will be changed with level

4. Status will not changing Heroic attribute

III. Skills

1. Manual skills, angry skills and trigger skills is same as heroic skills whose spirit matches

2. Open skills through promotion

IV. Talent

1. Every spirit has 7 talents

2. Talents' statuses include: ATK, DEF, Troops, Dodge, Crit, Anti-crit, Damage, Damage Reduction, Anger and Anti-stun

3. Open talents are connected with enhance level

V. Combination

1. You can activate combination' status when you have both of spirits

2. Combination' statuses include: Phy Def, Str Def, PVP Damage Reduction, PVP Damage, HP and ATK

Enhance Spirits

I. Items for enhancing: Spirits' Essences and Silver

II. How to get Spirits' Essences

1. Store

2. Guild Shop

3. Timed Shop

4. Get it by events

III. Enhance activated talents: You can activate talents when you enhance the required points.

Recast Spirits

I. You can recast spirits when its upgrade

II. Recast costs gold

III. You will get all resources and silver that are used for upgrading when you recast


I. Lord' portrait will be replaced by heroic portrait and so it is with Lord' skills When you possess spirits in the battle. 

II. You will see other players' portrait that will be replaced by heroic portrait when others possess spirits.